Minecraft getting worse?

Please do not get mad at me for hating on Minecraft, I really do love this game but I just can’t anymore.

So, I played Minecraft for a very long time, when it came out for the Xbox 360, I got the game. I played with friends, enjoyed it a lot, I then moved onto Minecraft (Windows 10) which was even better, unfortunately, to get mods (resource packs/behavior packs) you had to pay for coins which you could then use to buy these mods, which is better than having no mods at all, but still, there should be more than just mods that you have to pay for, a couple of days ago, I started working really hard to get minecraft, when I finally got it, I was severely disappointed because there was no way to play with friends, which was one of my highest reasons to get it right next to mods.

Now, when I try to get a refund, it says they’re answering refund requests all the way back in may?! Not only that, but the reasons to refund are only 3 possible reasons to get a refund, which is ridiculous. Oh, and the servers, oh boy the servers, I just wanted to play with my friends, but instead, I have to pay 9.99$ a month on the minecraft website? Or you know, I could pay 4.99$ a month to a sketchy website I’ve never heard of. Now, all I have to do is wait 2 months until they accept my refund request which probably won’t be accepted as it does not fall under the 3 things.