Minecraft starting out

With all the recent issues we’re facing, I feel there’s going to be a lot of new players looking to start playing minecraft. Whether you’re playing on the official mojang server or are going on a minecraft private server, you’re going to want to keep a few things in mind. First of all if you’re playing on official servers you’re going to be playing survival, that’s okay and there’s plenty of people telling you how to get started in that mode, with me most useful advice being, to make a temporary house from dirt, then get some wood to make a crafting table and basic tools, then you can start with your actual gameplay, however with private servers, there are many fan-made game modes which are in my opinion a lot more interesting than simple survival. There’s the ever famous Skyblock challenge, which starts with you and other players stranded on an island in the sky, making due with the resources on it with the winner being the one who can survive the longest. Usually it comes down to who can push the other persistent players off their island the fastest. The other popular mode is the prison challenge, which may sound sinister, but is actually pretty fun. It consists of you and other players being trapped inside a place considered a prison and are forced to gather resources and trade them to get your freedom.

If you’re looking for a good skyblock or prison minecraft server I can point you to this minecraft server list. There are plenty of other interesting game modes in minecraft and I feel like the community is more interested in keeping minecraft fun and fresh than mojang, that what you call a paradox isn’t it ?