Not all Minecraft servers are the same…

Recently I’ve been checking out Minecraft servers and it got me thinking… not all Minecraft servers are the same. In fact since most of Minecraft servers are managed by individuals or small communities that’s really to be expected.


Once you take a close look at some servers you can see some barely have any uptime or are outdated. There are actually not that many Minecraft servers that are updated and stable, mainly because some operators can’t keep up with updates and stuff, running huge Minecraft server is almost full time job.

What should you do as a player? I can’t say for everyone but I mainly look for Minecraft servers with good uptime, good staff team and regular updates, I’d hate it to lose all my builds and claims simply because server shut down etc. Nowadays most of server lists provide information such as uptime, statistics and so on, which should clearly show if server is stable and will stay around for awhile or if it’s just “one day Minecraft server” that would shut down and you will lose everything.

What to look for? Updates of course, uptime is super important because if the server is offline most of the time, you won’t be playing much and usually it also makes sense to check out staff team as you will be relaying on them to help you with issues.

That should be a good start but as always you will only see how the server is really operated after playing on it for a few days or so.

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